I purchased this Sailor 19Large from a Japanese eBay seller at a very steep discount from what I would have been able to get it in the states. The full range of Sailor 19Full-Size Pens (known as the 19Large in some markets) is available at nibs. Both the Sailor 19Medium and Large are available in black or the transparent demonstrator model a great way to keep tabs on your ink level!

Buy Sailor 19Large Fountain Pens for less at Pen Chalet. Shop online and save with our discount prices on Sailor 19Large Fountain Pens. I revisit the Sailor brand of fountain pens with my review of the Sailor 19Large. Sailor 19Fountain Pen, Large, 21K Gold Nib, Medium Point, Converter included. The nib has great flow, allows for a little flex, and since . The Sailor 1911L pen is large, with a large nib but doesn’t feel hefty.

This is one of the smoothest nibs I’ve use and it’s the Superman of fountain pens.

In honor of Sailor’s foundation year, the 19Series was introduced years ago. It has maintained the high quality material and craftsmanship from the start. In this video, I review the Sailor 19Large fountain pen, with the super-smooth ‘zoom’ nib.