To deal with this issue we created Soundwave , acoustic panels that have been setting new standards on the market since 2002. Creating Flo, Karim Rashid was inspired by sound waves and digital data. Rashid believs that people today live in a very digital world .

Soundwave Scrunch is designed by Teppo Asikainen. The inspiration for the pattern of Scrunch comes from a creased paper. Soundwave Wall is the largest acoustic panel made by Offecct to date, and is built upon the existing standard measures set by Offecct’s successful acoustic . Offecct – Soundwave Scrunch Akustikpaneel: Das Soundwave Scrunch Akustikpaneel von Teppo Asikainen für Offecct in unserem Online-Shop. Offecct – Soundwave Geo Akustikpaneel: Das Soundwave Geo Akustikpaneel von Ineke Hans für Offecct in unserem Online-Shop.

Jedes Paneel der Serie SOUNDWAVE ist für eine bestimmte akustische Funktion gestaltet. Serie und Marke sind Eigentum von Offecct.

We supply Offecct SOUNDWAVE textured wall panels. The SOUNDWAVE panels are perfect for unwanted environmental noise and form . Xn asked offecct to develop a completely new acoustic panel consistent with the. SounDwAve Swell was one of the first panels launched by offecct.