Klein likened monochrome painting to an open window to freedom. He worked with a chemist to develop his own particular brand of blue. Yves Klein’s first passion in life was judo. In 19he moved to Tokyo and studied at the Kodokan Judo Institute, . Paris und begründete die Monochromien, monochrome Bilder, in denen er zunehmend ein. Bezeichnung International Klein Blue (I.K.B.) patentieren ließ.

Blue Monochrome, 20- Jan Robert Leegte. The mesmerising intensity of Yves Klein’s seminal Untitled Blue Monochrome, (IKB 239) transcends into an ethereal space of infinity that is akin . IKB Blue 19Monochrome Painting, M 195 yves klein- monocrhome painting IKBBlue 19Monochrome Painting, M7 . Monochromes in classical avant-garde painting.

Klein’s discovery of the radiance of pure undissolved blue pigment, and the development of a method to apply . Artwork description Analysis: This is one of Klein’s first monochromes featuring International Klein Blue.