This is a tribute to the Ultimaker tribute clone. Thumbs up for the guy who created that one (^_^)b. The main motivation is cost £$, this is a .

TDfLqazCupo This is not The Greatest UMClone, no. Das ist Quatsch,mein CTC,der auch nur ein Makerbot Clone ist,läuft seit . A umchina clone I can promise that will be much worse than a real umo+. On the second point, even the the Ultimakers are open source, . Hallo Zusammen, nach langem mitlesen hier im Forum wollte ich euch mein aktuelles DIY-Projekt vorstellen. März 2016China UM Kit – Aufbautagebuch25.

Hochgeladen von Morten NielsenUltimaker Clone (clear front) and JennyPrinter, which is also an Ultimaker Clone side by side.

Timelaps of the build of an Ultimaker clone. Ultimaker Clone and JennyPrinter (UMClone) in action. I was looking for alternatives to the Prusa and Delta design for a cheap 3D Printer kit and found this:. Auf den Eindruck: Super Dat Teil, Kein Plastik verbaut. Jason developed Ultimaker clone made with aluminum extrusion.

Jason developed Ultimaker clone made with aluminum extrusion frame and 3d printed parts. According to his posts it work very well.

Disclaimer: The Ultimaker Extended Aluminum Extrusion Clone is based on the Ultimaker Aluminum Extrusion 3D. Und das Kontrollpanel sieht auch schwer nach Ultimaker aus. Dieser ist augenscheinlich kein Makerbot Clone sondern eher ein Ultimaker Clone (vermute ich – vergleich habe ich nicht), da ich aber keine . Mmuse – JP Z3Ultimaker Clone – Dual Extruder 3D Printer Kit. New Z3is upgrade with the UM2+ Olsson block nozzle, . I have an Ultimaker and a Makerbot clone Wanhao Duplicator 4S.

BUT the ULTIMAKER printer and the heated bed has the worst quality i’ve ever seen . I bought what was abusively called an Ultimaker on eBay on March, 2012. In fact the printer I got was an illegal clone of the real Ultimaker, . Every Day new 3D Models from all over the World. Sie können Online im Großhandel kaufendiy ultimaker clone,Großhandel Heimwerker,Riemenscheiben, und mehr auf Aliexpress.