It’s time for another pen review, this time a Pelikan! The M4is a middle-ground fountain pen that sits between the budget M2and the . Der Pelikan Souverän M4ist ein Klassiker unter den edlen Füllfederhaltern.

Schreibkultur hat sich den Füller genauer angesehen. The Nth Souverän M4Review – Fountain Pen Reviews19. Pelikan Souveran 4- Fountain Pen Reviews21.

An 1year old maker of fountain pens and their paraphernalia, coupled with the fact that your collection is rather incomplete without a Pelikan, . The M4only had the trim ring added after the line was updated in 19but. Liebe Mitglieder, pünktlich zum Wochenende klingelte es endlich an der Tür und endlich konnte ich meinen zweiten Pelikan in Empfang . If you happen to be a gold fan, the M4has a sibling, the M40 that is essentially the same pen with gold .

Price:The vintage 4sells for $2or less in most cases. With Pelikan’s relentless price increases, the m4now sells for ~$210. Pictures from the original handwritten draft will be included in the review though 🙂 8INTRO:This is my second Pelikan m400. Pelikan’s first White Tortoise pen was released in the M4size in the early 200s, and production continued for seven years.

Posts about Pelikan M4written by inkophile. Here’s one pen review I’ve been sitting on for the past two years, and I’m just. Azizah from Gourmet Pens reviewed (in the M4size).

I use all of my pens no matter the price, Pelikan pens are one of the best fountain pens I have ever written with. Pelikan M4White Tortoise is one of the pens that had been on my list. I can’t say it’s better writer than pens in cheaper price brackets.

So with the recent addition of the M40 my flock of Pelikans has grown to and I felt it was time for a multi-review and comparison of these . I have all of minutes to write this review because I really want to share this gorgeousness with the world and I have a lecture in an hour.