The PT-AE8000U full-HD 3D home theater projector delivers 4lumens of brightness and has an extremely high 50000:contrast ratio for an outstanding . The 3D home cinema experience just got better than ever with higher brightness and .

While not as revolutionary as was the AE700 it provides a number of . Read all about Panasonic’s PT-AE8000U home theater projector. The PT-AE80embodies Panasonic’s years of home cinema projector engineering, and produces 4lm of brightness with an incredible 50000:1 . The PT-AE8000U Full HD 3D Home Theater Projector from Panasonic offers 24lumens of brightness with a 50000:contrast ratio. Lamp (Bulb)‎: ‎220W UHM lampPower Cord‎: ‎Length: 9. My new Panasonic projector, coupled to my existing Pioneer Equipment and Controlled by Apple IPAD.

PT-AE8000U Er ist bald da, September 20. Ich hoffe, dass Panasonic hier die bewährte Smooth Screen .

If you do not have a Panasonic 3D TV that supports 3D video, use a charger that . AU lack of service is trashing the brand. Coming to the end of its life the good old Panasonic PT-AE80has seen . The Panasonic PT-AE8000U is part of the wave of affordable projectors coming to the market. Andrew Robinson puts the PT-AE8000U through . Thanks for the tip on the Panasonic PT-AE8000U projector for $1499. I’ve been waiting for this projector to go on sale and just picked one up. PANASONIC PT-AE80(ET-LAA410) Lampe bei Amazon.

Ersatzlampe für Panasonic PT-AE8000PT-AE8000UPT-AT6000PT-AT6000E – kompatibles Modul (ersetzt: ET-LAA410) Bei dieser Lampe handelt es sich um . Panasonic ET-LAA4Original Ersatzlampe für PT-AE8000PT-AT6000. All of the company’s home theater designs have used LCD imaging chips, however, and the PT-AE8000U is the latest link in a long chain . I’m using the Panasonic glasses and they seem to work flawlessly. D to 3D conversion, although I only plan on using it .