Warhammer 40K Advanced Techniques part 2- Greenstuff. Liquid Green Stuff – flüssige Modelliermasse 12ml flüssige ModelliermasseDas Green Stuff in flüssiger Form ist ein ungiftiges Füllmaterial. Ideal for filling in small gaps on miniatures, Liquid Green Stuff has been designed for hobbyists and enthusiasts who want a smooth, even finish when converting .

This tutorial will show you how to use Liquid Green Stuff to fill in gaps on your miniatures. It’s really easy and just takes a little practice. Liquid Green Stuff ist Green Stuff in flüssiger Form und eignet sich ideal, um kleine Lücken in einer Miniatur zu schließen. Der Farbtopf enthält ml Liquid Green Stuff, eines von erhältlichen Hilfsmitteln der Technical-Kategorie aus dem Citadel-Farbsortiment Diese.

Ich kam irgendwie auf die gute Idee, die Beine meiner Victrix 28mm Ösies mit besagtem Liquid Green Stuff zu ungarischen Hosen zu machen . Amid this fractious debate, Liquid Green Stuff introduces something rather unique to modelers who are only familiar with Citadel products. Liquid Green Stuff is the ideal tool for filling in small gaps on a miniature.

It is water soluble and it can also be filed using the Citadel Emery Boards for an even . Liquid Green Stuff is one of the best technical paints (not sure what else to call it), that Games Workshop has produced. I know, liquid greenstuff has been out for a while now and I just got my hands on a pot of the stuff. I thought I might pass along my thoughts on it . Liquid Green Stuff eignet sich ideal dafür, kleine Spalten an Miniaturen zu füllen.

Es wurde für Hobbyisten und andere Modellbaubegeisterte gemacht, die beim . Hello fellow Dakka folk, quick question, how long does Liquid Green Stuff.

Op was talking about Liquid Green Stuff, not regular green stuff. Just watch the vid to see how it’s done and maybe you will finally be able to make use of that Liquid Green Stuff you’ve had knocking around. Because it is water soluble you can use a normal Citadel Paint Brush . Today I decided to try some of Citadel’s Liquid Green Stuff. I bought one at a FLGS and went home to find it was almost solid.

It is more of a liquid state than the putty so that you can use a brush or other tool to get it into small gaps, then drys . Not only did it introduce me to liquid green stuff, it introduced me to the Valejo equivalent which I was equally unaware of.