GPU sag is a real problem for some video card manufacturers. Protect your investment and avoid a sagging video card with the Mnpctech GPU support bracket . GTX 10asus GPU sag is a real, so fix your sagging gpu with Mnpctech support bracket.

Protect your GTX 10gaming gpustrongarm and avoid a sag with . Duel Graphics Card Brace Support Duel Video card Holder gaming GPU. Overall its a nice solution for those not wanting to spend $on a billet bracket. Fix GPU sag with Mnpctech’s Support Arm Bracket Non-Reference Video Card video guide for. I have seen builds that have some sort of bracket that holds the gpu. Good Afternoon,I know and I have seen them once.

There were a support bracket which was screwed in with the card and helped with the . Protect your investment and avoid a sagging video card with the Mnpctech GPU support bracket bar. Refurbished: NVIDIA Quadro K61GB GDDRPCI Express 2. Low Profile Ready Workstation Video Card – Item Includes Standard Height Bracket . More about graphics card heavy solutions support. I designed this thing because I have a rather large graphics card that sags and I’m always worried I’m going to damage something when I tran.

Gpu support bracket – Came across this using my-fu. I can make something similar using acrylic.

Our custom made Strongarm brackets support your GPU whilst not taking up any more space in your case. GTX7to a GTX9Ti DC3OC STRIX 6GB and after removing the 7really wanted to use the GPU support bracket seen no room for it. This GPU brace is what we use in many of our systems to help support larger, heavier video cards.

By popular deman we have made it available for purchase . Mnpctech Non-Reference GPU support bracket will work fine for that GPU, in video install, it’s a ZOTAC 980Ti AMP, which is equally as huge as . Its elegantly smooth, flexible FreeForm Modular System supports multiple outlooks, allowing you. Fan brackets; Water cooling reservoirs; GPU support brackets . One issue that not many people consider when getting that ultra huge video card is that many of them suffer .